Have it all: legendary handling with a smooth ride in any sea state and ArrowCat is the only cat that will protect you and your crew from the elements in luxury. Why hide behind a center console wrapped up like a mummy!



Each model is designed with our owner’s expectations front and center. Superior construction, optimized performance, economy and protection from elements can be found in every ArrowCat we make.

Why ArrowCat

Why ArrowCat

We recognize there are hundreds of boat builders/options to choose from, but consider this…the word is out about the superiority of the catamaran hull. However, there are only a handful of cat builders who produce a quality power catamaran. ArrowCat is the ONLY builder offering that luxury, strength and performance with enclosed protection from the elements built into every boat


Upcoming Shows

Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show November 1-5, 2017
Check out an ArrowCat 420 & Endeavour TrawlerCat 500!

St. Petersburg Power & Sailboat Show, November 30-December 3, 2017
Come check out an ArrowCat 320, Endeavour 340 & ArrowCat 450!

NMMA Miami International Boat Show February 15-18, 2018
Check out an ArrowCat 340, ArrowCat 420, Endeavour TrawlerCat 440 & Endeavour TrawlerCat 500!